Welcome New Members!

Thank you for taking time to join and maintain your membership at our new site. We have so many new options that we will be rolling out over the next months, so thank you for your patience and participation! While you’re here, be sure to take note of the following:

  • Your password needs resetting | It’s always a good habit to change passwords, but in this case, it’s mandatory, since we’ve adopted a new website. Don’t worry, you can click the login link and use the reset link to get started with your usual MLEOA account.
  • Conference time! | Don’t forget, sign-ups and details for this year’s conference are right here. Get started early so you can lock in those great room rates!
  • Department Accounts | Spread the word – we now have an easy way for administration to sign up for department accounts. Be sure to tell whomever is in charge to give all your officers the benefits of MLEOA.
MLEOA Conference